Pewter because of its nature will last for generations and gracefully absorb the effects of continued use. Below are some guidelines to maintain its beauty and ensure its longevity.

1. To clean use only mild soap and water.

2. Pewter is a soft metal and can easily be marked or dented. Please take care not to cut directly on the pewter. minor scratches and dings will over time add to the character of your countertop.

3. Avoid placing extremely hot cookware on the pewter surface. Damage such as blistering or melting could occur. Always use a trivet of appropriate size when placing hot cookware on the countertop.

4. Through time the surface will naturally patina this is to be expected and will entrich its beauty and add to its charm.

5. With proper care the pewter surface in your home will inherit the wear and character of day to day life and provide years of enjoyment for you and future generations.