b. 1986, HK.

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Pewter by Design, by SF Metalworks, is the nation's premier design and fabrication company for bespoke, classic, and modern pewter creations. Primarily specializing in countertops, we are based in Northern California but work internationally in both residential and commercial environments to bring beautiful decorative pewter designs to life.

Led by founder Ron Moore, we are a small group of artists and craftsmen dedicated to creating beauty in everything we do. Our team brings a collective body of expertise from many different disciplines including: metal fabrication, woodworking, patination, fine finishing, engineering, and other highly specialized skills.

Our goal is to become the premier provider of fine pewter art finishes in the United States. We are moving toward that goal with the creative dedication of our team coupled together with the wonderful vision of our many valued clients. 

We proudly use only material from Oster Pewter, the highest quality pewter supplier you will find!